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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
My first dose is for one of my best friends, Liz. I admire Liz's effortless style so I'm always flattered when she asks me for fashion advice. 

She e-mailed me earlier this week along with a picture of her dress: 

"So the skirt part is lined. The peach top part is unlined and I don't know what I want to wear underneath it. I was thinking maybe one of those pretty camisole/bralettes that VS pink has right now? And then what do you think for a belt? I got these brown leather wedges that have a hot pink strap in front. So I was thinking a brown belt? Help me fashionable friend!" 

I agree with most of her pairings, except for the bralettte. Being small chested I like a little "oomph" when it comes to area with a bra, and seeing the shape of the dress I think a pretty lacy bra will fit the bill. Not to mention support especially if your girls are larger than mine. 

As for shoes, I like to go big with color block dresses. It's always best to draw out one of the colors, or multiple if you find a shoe that has the multi-colors you want. I suggested mint shoes or yellow shoes, def on trend for spring. 

I also loved belts, they help define your shape and it's a fun accessory to add on without much thought. A simple brown belt will pair nicely. 

Now for jewels, I think a drop necklace with a cute pendant would go really well with the dress. 

Below are my picks for this dress. Hope Liz likes them. 

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  1. That´s a lot of color! Very much Spring!!

  2. I love fun spring colors!

  3. Love that dress! Great colors!

    xo, Kenya

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