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Saturday, April 20, 2013
With summer being around the corner, finally, I like to have some key pieces that I know I'll wear over and over, all summer long. It's pretty hot and humid where I live, so it's shorts, skirts, and dresses most of the time. I've compiled items that are perfect for this summer season. 

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It's great to have a variation of these items because they exemplify summer. 

  • I am crazy about stripes which are perfect for all seasons but especially during the summer because of the nautical feel. 
  • Bright shorts or skirts are great because it'll add that pop of color if you decide to stay neutral up top. 
  • A colorful necklace can be added to anything to give your outfit some jazz, yes I say jazz in reality. 
  • A flowy tee, I discovered LAmade through APOT and these shirts are the softest shirts you'll ever own. 
  • A great white blouse really transcends all seasons but there's something about white and summer time that just are synonymous. 
  • Of course a summer sandal that you'll wear with practically everything. If you've checked out my wishlist, you'd know that these are on there and my sister just got them for me, yay, thanks sis. 
  • Summertime equals pooltime and I like to stick to solids for bottoms and fun/bright on top, I've been told I have a rather Kim K. booty, so anything to minimize it I'm down. VS has a great mix and match feature that is at an affordable price point. 

Will you be adding anything to your wardrobe for summer or do you already have key pieces? I'd love to know and have a fabulous weekend while I study away ;)  


  1. I'm loving all of these!! I am in loooove with stripes right now.


    1. Glad you love them Kristine!
      I'm in L-O-V-E with stripes, they practically go with everything, plus they make me feel like I'm gonna go sailing when I'm studying ;)

  2. Good luck with your finals!!!


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