To shop or not to shop...

Friday, March 29, 2013
That is definitely the question. I have ALWAYS loved shopping, it didn't have to be just clothes, I now like buying random decor for our home. I absolutely love ripping the tag off of something new, but lately, I've realized do I really need all the things I have or were they pure wants. I apparently have wanted  a lot of things and there's nothing wrong with shopping, but it got me thinking. I'm still a student, not quite a pharmacist yet and my husband, he's a still resident, not quite done with all of his training yet (1 more year of residency plus 3 more of fellowship). So I need remind myself that later in life, I can indulge in my wants but for now, I need to be mindful of my budget; no high-end designer bags or shoes for me just yet. 

So I posed a question, rather my mom suggested, could I, the girl who excessively shops, NOT shop until my birthday in September? I'm not sure if I can but I'm going to give it a try. Let's hope I can quit shopping temporally, wish me luck.  

I will still continue to have outfit posts and etc., so still look out for those. Let me know if you think I'm nuts or any tips if you've tried not shopping. 


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