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Thursday, March 14, 2013
I am finally able to write a post. I was swamped with school last week and I've been going to my rotation this week, everyday until about 10:00 pm. I typically eat, shower, sleep when I get home. With that out of the way now, on to the real post. 

I've been excited to share these photos with you all for quite some time now. I took them two weeks ago when the weather was nice one day. Now, I'm a short girl, 5' 2" to be exact, so finding a maxi anything without getting it altered is a win for me. I really like chiffon, I love the way it feels, the flowy-ness (I think I just made up a word), and how it looks on. I found this particular skirt from Forever 21 and it fits perfect. I wish they made it in black because I'd seriously wear it everyday. 

Chiffon skirts can be dressed up or completely down with a few quick accessory changes. I wore a tweed jacket for a more dressed up look and then a scarf and fedora for a more boho chic look. I paired it with brown booties but in the summer I would probably wear it with wedges or flat sandals dependent on how comfortable I want to be. I would highly recommend a chiffon skirt for your wardrobe, it's definitely a staple in mine. 

Tweed jacket: H&M (old) | Skirt and cami: Forever 21 
Shoedazzle, Pine | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Rayban 

Tweed jacket: H&M | Belt: Urban Outfitters | Bib Necklace: Forever 21 | Necklace: Tiffany's. 

 Bib Necklace and Ring: Forever 21Necklace: Tiffany's

Ring: Forever 21 | Spike bracelet: Urban Outfitters | Bangles: borrowed from my sister.
Please don't mind my dry hands. 

Scarf: Ann Taylor | Fedora: Charlotte Russe | Skirt and cami: Forever 21 
Shoedazzle, PineBelt: Urban Outfitters | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Rayban 


  1. Great skirt! Love the bright eye popping color.

    ~ Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline! It's one of my favorite colors :)


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