It's that time again...

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Exams. This semester, we have exams pretty much every week. I've had THREE this week, and a quiz already. I also have a quiz tomorrow and ANOTHER exam on Monday. Phew, I'm exhausted. That's why my posts have been infrequent and I apologize for that. Since I've been hardcore studying, so far it's paid off, I haven't had the chance to do a blog photo shoot, studying always comes first. 

With that said, I'll admit that I don't study in style. GASP!! 

What do I really wear when studying? Find out after the jump. 

I study at home most of the time in my sweats and a T-shirt, PJs, or something comfy to that effect. I also adore my snuggie. It's ridiculous, but my husband likes the house cold while I prefer an ambient 77-78 F, so I bundle up at home. Anyhow, below are photos of how what I wished I looked like while I study and what I really look like when I study for exams. 
This was after my bridal photo shoot. I made my husband take a few shots of me, the makeup and hair was too good not to take photos of. P.S. I don't normally look that glamorous, I can only wish.

That's what I actually look right now. No makeup, puffy eyes (sleep deprivation) and a T-shirt. Photo was taken on my iPhone, so excuse the quality. 

Now, I must get back to that book. 


  1. I have seen you study. And your outfit should also include a grandma sweater and a coke to be accurate. #justsayin

  2. I took off the sweater for a bit, but I frequent it and I quit coke...GASP!!!


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