Happy Lunar New Year!

Sunday, February 10, 2013
 I took a quick break from studying to go over to my in-laws to celebrate. My mother-in-law had gotten an Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese outfit) for me for the wedding, though I liked it, I didn't picture myself getting married in it and ended up saving it for another event. So today, when I was thinking about what to wear, I immediately thought of that particular one (surprisingly have a couple) instead of a regular dress. My mother-in-law was so delighted to see me wear it, as was the rest of my husband's family; have I mentioned he's the youngest of FIVE! 

We enjoyed spending time with the family and had fun playing with all his nieces and nephews, all 11.  
With all that said, Happy Lunar New year to everyone! 

Husband and I. | My custom made Ao Dai. | Bracelet: Urban Outfitters.
I apologize for the quality, I forgot a real camera and snapped a pic with my phone. 


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