Trouser Jeans

Monday, January 14, 2013
Sometimes, I like a good pair of trouser jeans. My favorite pair was from The Limited that I got years ago, but after getting married, let's just say that I'm no 00 anymore ;) Anyhow, trouser jeans look great with just about any kind of top, I like them with flowy blouses and I throw on a blazer if I want to be more pulled together. 

To my delight, I found another great pair this past summer, but this time from Banana Republic. I had completely forgotten about them and found them while looking for another pair of jeans. I'm not surprised by how many jeans I own because I went through a serious jeans phase in college. I've donated most of the ones that don't fit or haven't worn in years, but I can't part with a few of my favorites. My favorite jeans are Express jeans seen here and here; I've worn them to death and I don't think Express makes them like they used to. My other favorite jeans were Lucky Brand Jeans in the Dream cut, but that got discontinued. Regardless, I wear jeans almost everyday, it's the easiest for school. 

I sometimes find shopping for jeans daunting. Which cut? What color? Etc. Click on the jump for my tips on buying a new pair of jeans.
Blouse and Blazer: Express | Jeans: Banana Republic | Bag: Michael Kors | Shoes: Shoedazzle, Swagger |
Necklace & Earrings: F21| Bracelet: Gorjana | Watch: Citizen Ecodrive 
  • Give yourself plenty of time. It takes time to find the right pair, unless it's marked 75% off, think about it. 
  • Don't eat a hefty meal right before shopping. You'll most likely be so self-conscious the entire time wondering if the jeans don't feel right because of you or the meal. I don't recommend going hungry either, a light snack will do. 
  • Make sure to do a sit test. A what? Sit down in a chair, on a bench, whatever the store has. See how it feels sitting. Remember, jeans with spandex or anything of that nature tend to stretch out a bit anyways. 
  • Check yourself out. I love the three way mirror, I can check out my butt in the jeans to see what's going on back there. 
  • Take someone with you. It's always nice to have a second opinion, I like the company of my sister because she'll actually tell me if the jeans look good or makes my derriere look like Kim Kardashian's (no offense, I don't have her confidence to pull it off, though my sis has told me I have got "quite" the butt). 
  • I like jeans in darker washes. They are flattering and will make you look thinner. 
  • I think everyone should have three staple jeans:
    • A great pair of skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, and of course trouser jeans. 
  • I personally like low rise jeans, everyone's preference is different. Mid-rise jeans are great for those days that I want to cover up and hide my mid-section. 
  • Don't buy them unless you absolutely love them. I hate it when I buy something and end up never wearing it. Think about how you would practically incorporate it into your wardrobe, i.e. with the clothes you already own, not an imaginary shirt, jacket, etc., you wished you had. 
  • Most of all have FUN!! 


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