Mixing Patterns

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm usually against mixing patterns, but lately I've come to embrace the idea. My rule is as long as they complement each other, it's game. With that said, I try to stick to smaller patterns and I generally don't mix animal print with anything but solids; I feel like animal print should be the stand out print in an outfit. Over the break, I tried out mixing polka dots and stripes, which I layered until I get used to the idea of mixing. If you look closely, my sweater is striped too. 

Pants: Loft | Shirt and Sweater: Forever21 Necklace: Grace Anna's Jewerly, in the Rice Village | Bracelet: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Shoedazzle. 

Bracelet on right hand: Grace Anna's in the Rice Village | Bracelet on left hand: Urban outfitters 

I am in love with this Necklace: Grace Anna's, it goes with so many things.  Ring: Tiffany&Co. 

Shoes: Shoedazzle. These shoes go with everything, I always look for wearability before I buy anything, and as a bonus, they are comfortable too. 


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