Back from Vacay, and back to Studying

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
We got back from our vacation last night and I'm finally all unpacked trying to get back into studying mode. We had an amazing time in Cali. We surprised my cousin with my sister's arrival, she had no idea and her reaction was priceless. We stayed in the Berkeley/Bay Area Friday - Saturday when we ventured out on our planned trip down the coast. As a note, don't ever, EVER, make this trip in the night time, windy roads, darkness, and mountains don't really mix if you're driving; lesson learned. With that said, the drive was gorgeous during the day, we had rented to convertible so we took full advantage when we could. We arrived in La La Land around 10:30, Finally! 

The next day my husband and I attended a wedding and now I completely understand why people have destination weddings, however, both the Bride and the Groom were from Los Angeles, so it wasn't really a destination for them, just a beautiful location. I told my husband that I wanted an anniversary celebration there and he laughed at me. Later that evening, we went to the reception, also gorgeous and danced (I danced, the husband stood) the night away. Sadly, I forgot to take better pictures of my gown, so I'm not uploading the fuzzy one I have; It's probably my favorite dress that I've worn to a wedding. 

On Monday we woke up early so we could drive along the coast with the top down and enjoy the beautiful California weather. It was perfect. We took a couple of pictures, had brunch and headed to the airport as our short vacation came to an end and head back to reality of work and studying. 
Below are a couple of pictures from the trip, no special fashion pictures, just good old touristy photos. Til next time. 
Me, my sister and cousin @ UC Berkeley

Self explanatory location
Sweater: F21 | Scarf: old, from Francesca's Collection

Husband and I at the wedding ceremony. Our friend took much better pictures of us,
can't wait to see those.
Dress: H&M | Necklace: F21| Shoes: Macy's

Top and Jeans: Express | Shoes: Sperry's | Necklace and Earrings: gift from my parents | Bracelet: Gift |
Citizen EcoDrive

Husband and I enjoying the beautiful weather. 


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