Thankful for Family, a Late Post.

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Thanksgiving was last week and I was so busy before exams so I took the break as an opportunity to relax. It was a short-lived break as I have 4 finals and 2 projects due next week and 2 more finals the week after. I wish I had more time to blog because I have so many great outfits to share. I've enlisted my husband as my photographer, I'm teaching him about lighting and settings on my SLR and he's getting some good training in.

Back to my late Thanksgiving post. My husband and I had TWO Thanksgivings; first with his family and then with mine. It's so much fun at my husband's because he has 11 nieces and nephews. Yes, you read right, 11, my husband is the youngest of 5 so all of his brothers and sisters are married with 2-4 kids each. It's so much fun playing with the kids, one of his nephews showed me how to play nintendo DS-3D.  I love spending time with family, so much so that I even spent the night at my parents.

At my parents house, we had 20 people over for Thanksgiving. Imagine the how much food there was. Our family has made a tradition that at Thanksgiving dinner you have to say what you're thankful for. I am thankful that I have a wonderful husband, an amazing family, and health. What are you thankful for?

Our mini-slumber party was fun, even though I fell asleep at 12:00; guess that turkey got to me. Here are a couple of photos from Thanksgiving,

Top right: Mom and Dad cutting one of the Turkeys (we had 20 people, had to have 2). Top Right: Husband and me, and little sis  photobombing. Bottom right: Desserts, my favorite part. Bottom Left: Me checking out the Turkey..yep looks good. 
The food went on and on. And that's 2 dining tables attached so we could all sit together  without a "kid" table. 


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