Study break!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Three exams down, one more left on Thursday. So far my studying aka sleep deprivation has paid off just one more sleepless night til finals.

I was thinking as its getting colder, for Houstonians that's anything below 60, I need a new peacoat. Why a new one? It's simple, I lost my favorite peacoat that I had for about 10 years. I don't know how I lost it, maybe when we moved, but I was sure I didn't bring winter clothes (it was June) from my parents, who knows? It's not the first coat I've lost, maybe I'll tell that story another day. Sidenote: I used to have two closets (mine and the guest room), now I have to share with the husband. So thanks mom and dad for letting me seasonally change out my clothes and use my old room as storage. Yep, I love my parents.

The lost coat was from Old Navy, nothing fancy, bought it freshman year of college, it fit perfect which is hard for short and petite people, and I just loved it. It's funny how you can get attached to certain items of clothing. I have a favorite study sweater, I feel like it give me good luck.

There's one I like from j.crew, but I can't justify the price for Houston weather. I take that back, I can almost justify anything when it comes to shopping, I just simply feel like I can get something almost as good for maybe $100 less that. Last year, I got my sister this amazing Calvin Klein peacoat from Macy's on sale for 50% off and I had an extra 20% off so it was a steal. Sadly though, I couldn't find my size. So, I'm in need of a peacoat any suggestions, but shh....don't tell my husband I'm shopping ;)


  1. zara has some cute coats, you should check their options online.

  2. Thanks! i'll have to check zara out too!


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