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Monday, May 8, 2006
so i was reading my old blog, and i ran across this, and it still cracks me up. maybe i'll do a best quotes thing.

i also learned today that i drive really fast.
yasi: ::driving looking at a ring nazy is showing me::
:::almost hit the car infront of me::
thank god for honda breaks...i screached and everything
nazy: yasi i told you to slow down.
yasi: really 11 yr old, since when have you driven?
nazy: my barbie jeep
yasi: ::thinks to herself, barbie jeep you little heiffer, barbie jeep::
nazy: yasi you drive to fast
::5 minutes later::
nazy: we should be home by now, why aren't we, you drive fast.
yasi: traffic, duh.
nazy: ::shuts up and stays quite::

it was really funny then, still funny, because my little sister would still say something like that.
back to p.chem. that was a nice break.


  1. yasi,

    i heard about your graduation tomorrow! i was at omid's and his mom mentioned it. congratulations! you've worked so hard!

  2. I love Blogger's interface. I have a blogger too..Go to imchami.blogspot.com It's so different from what I discuss on Xanga. I don't tell anyone about it because, well, I just don't.

  3. oops hey, it's Charisse....

  4. Congratulations on your graduation!


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